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Who We ARe

Our story

The ICG Group was created in March 2019 after fifteen industry professionals came together to simplify what had become known as the 'PropTech Minefield'.

Their objective was to solve a specific problem. With so many property software solutions available for real estate agents, how could agents know which product or service would work best for their business?

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Why ICG?

A partnership of trusted names

The group is a partnership between the most exciting and trusted names in PropTech. Registering as a member provides instant access to multi award-winning companies with a track record for excellence and innovation, all eager to give something back to the industry they serve.

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Agent Feedback

Purchasing from competing suppliers can be a complicated, time-consuming and costly way to embrace new technology.  Agents told us that they were experiencing mixed messaging, confusion and compatibility issues when dealing with multiple, unrelated suppliers.

How ICG was born

A number of leading Proptech and PropService suppliers realised that this was becoming a source of anxiety for agents (who were otherwise keen to participate in the digital revolution), and it became vital to find a solution. From that meeting in spring 2019, the idea of ICG was born.

Our aims

This group is now a dynamic hub made up of the very best suppliers in the industry. Our aim is to work together to create software and service integrations, so agents can find effective software solutions and adapt quickly to the latest innovations.

ICG's growing force

We are constantly looking for new members who are able to add value to the ICG mix, so our ranks continue to grow. That means that more high-quality products and services will become available as our group of 30+ suppliers expands.

Our guarantee of excellence

You won’t be left struggling with products that don’t make the grade. Companies who join the group are subject to strict vetting procedures and must have a proven track record of developing innovative products and services.

Where do I start?

Please take a moment to browse our property software solutions for real estate agents, organised under seven different topic headings. These include Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, The Customer Experience, People, Internal Efficiencies and New Revenue Streams. Alternatively, visit our case studies section to learn more.
A one stop shop
With the UK’s leading PropTech and PropService suppliers all in one place, it’s easier to find the right solution for your business.
Clever collaborations
ICG members are ready and willing to collaborate together on your behalf, creating bespoke solutions that really work for you.
A valuable relationship
We’re in it for the long haul. That means we’ll keep you updated on all the latest software upgrades and new developments.
Proven tech solutions
All ICG members have been chosen for their proven track record, developing innovative products and services for estate agents.
First to hear
ICG is a collective of the industry’s brightest and best, so you could be first to hear of new product breakthroughs.
One-to-one help
Benefit from free industry events, one-to-one help from PropTech specialists plus new training opportunities for you and your staff.

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A one stop shop
Clever collaborations
A valuable relationship
Proven tech solutions
First to hear
One-to-one help
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